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The best stroopwafels in Amsterdam

If you’ve tried a stroopwafel before, you know that quality is everything. And you will find precisely that quality in our bakery. Fresh, traditional and packed with love. That is what makes our stroopwafels the tastiest in Amsterdam (and perhaps in the whole of the Netherlands!). It’s not only us saying that, but also our customers leaving many reviews on the website.

Wondering if our stroopwafels also leave you begging for more? Come in and taste a fresh, warm, authentic Stroopwafel!


Fresh artisan stroopwafels in the heart of Amsterdam

You can find stroopwafels everywhere and anywhere in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam. But if you are looking for a stroopwafel that really stands out, Bakery Egstorf is the place to go. Our stroopwafel is full of flavor and was baked according to an authentic recipe from the 19th century.

Our bakers prepare the world-famous Dutch stroopwafel fresh and with love. They do this according to the original recipe from 1898. If you stand outside and look through the windows of the bakery, you can see our bakers at work: they roll the dough balls by hand and bake the waffles in a special iron. Then they cut them in half and fill them with warm, sweet caramel… are you getting excited already?

What really is a stroopwafel?

A stroopwafel is a type of cookie in which two dough waffle halves, made of real butter and printed with a diamond pattern, are connected to each other by deliciously sweet syrup. The stroopwafel originally comes from the Netherlands, but is now eaten worldwide. That's because it’s too delicious not to share with others!

Originally, stroopwafels had a diameter of 10 cm, but today there are also stroopwafels with a diameter of 20 cm or just a few centimetres. It’s just what you prefer.

How are stroopwafels made?

To bake our stroopwafels, we only use fresh ingredients according to the traditional recipe. We make the stroopwafel by putting freshly prepared dough in a waffle iron. Then we cut the waffle in half after baking. Finally, we apply syrup between the two halves of the waffle and stick the halves together again. There you have it: a stroop (syrup) wafel (waffle). Yum!

The history of the stroopwafel

You already knew that a stroopwafel is a typical Dutch cookie. But did you also know that stroopwafels used to be known as the poor people's cookies? At the beginning of the 19th century, these cakes were created in the Dutch town Gouda by adding old biscuit chips and syrup to dough, making it cheaper to bake cakes and cookies. Because the stroopwafel tasted so good, the demand and the number increased. Soon they were also sold outside Gouda, and the stroopwafel has since then become a worldwide phenomenon.

Bakery Egstorf, specialist in stroopwafels

The stroopwafel stole our hearts a long time ago. More precisely, the heart of name. The rich taste, the alternation between crunchy and soft, and the history of the stroopwafel have made this traditional Dutch cookie one of our showpieces. And with great success: visitors come from far and wide to taste our stroopwafel and buy it as a gift for loved ones and friends.

More than just a stroopwafel

If you are looking for a delicious stroopwafel, baked according to a traditional recipe and in an authentic way, then you have come to the right place at Bakery Egstorf, located on the most beautiful corner of the Spuistraat.

Our bakery is located in a special building designed by architect Gerrit van Arkel, and was built in the style of Nieuwe Kunst (New Art), or the Dutch version of Art Nouveau. You can see this style in our bay windows and the asymmetrical balconies and turrets. And when you enter our bakery, you will find a beautiful high room with the original tile tableau that pays tribute to our bakery trade. There we bake the most delicious stroopwafels and other delicacies for you.

Be welcome in our bakery!