Since 1898

The oldest bakery in Amsterdam

Welcome to Hans Egstorf, the oldest bakery in Amsterdam.

Since 1898, many generations of bakers have been passionately practicing their craft at Spuistraat 274 in the heart of Amsterdam. Come in for our delicious sourdough breads, fresh croissants and our famous Stroopwafels. Every day at Bakkerij Egstorf we make hundreds of authentic Stroopwafels by hand and with lots of love, according to the original recipe. 

Traditional bakery in the heart of Amsterdam

Our bakery has existed for four generations and is a real family business. We are proud of our baking traditions and continue to work hard to make the best products for you. All day long, our bakers work with love and passion on delicious sourdough bread, fresh croissants and sweet stroopwafels. We always use local ingredients to guarantee the highest quality.

Our specialty: fresh stroopwafels in Amsterdam center

If you say Amsterdam, you simply have to say Stroopwafels. This traditional Dutch cookie cannot be missing from our range of products! In fact, the Stroopwafel has managed to conquer a special place in our hearts. For many years we have been baking the Stroopwafel according to a traditional, authentic recipe and we delight hundreds of customers every day with a fresh stroopwafel.

Menu bakery Egstorf

A bakery is not a real bakery without fresh bread and other delicacies. In the early morning, our bakers are already busy preparing the most delicious products for you. In addition to stroopwafels, you can also visit us for crispy croissants, hearty sourdough bread, sweet boluses and the most delicious cinnamon rolls! We offer a selection of pre-packaged products too, that you can easily take with you or give as a gift.

Visit our authentic bakery!

When you enter our authentic bakery at Spuistraat 274, you immediately smell, feel and simply know it: this is a bakery with a huge heart for baking. Even if you don't want to buy anything, a visit to Bakery Egstorf is worthwhile. Feast your eyes and discover our beautiful bakery in the style of New Art! 

We welcome you with open arms every day from 8 am to 10 pm.